Cost of Home Inspection – Does Humidifiers matter?

Cost of Home inspection in Toronto Mississauga

How humidifiers affect cost of home inspection in Toronto and the GTA – Humidifiers are necessary home implants which come integral to your home heating system. The forced hot air from your home heating system may become very dry and you may wish to add some moisture to it. This is where a humidifier comes into action. It adds that all important moisture to your heater air.

Why is a humidifier inspection important and how much it can add to your cost of home inspection ?

When buying a house or hiring a certified house inspector, paying attention to getting small things like humidifier can go a long way in maintaining the health of your family without adding much to your average home inspection cost .

Some outcomes of  squeezing Cost of Home Inspection

Here are a few dangers of a malfunctioning humidifier:Brampton house inspector Toronto

  1. Cracked furniture surfaces
  2. Chipped paint due to dryness.
  3. Damaged musical instruments
  4. Malfunctioning Humidifiers can be a cause of many diseases. The kids, elder members and people with fragile health may be particularly affected by airborne pollutants, bacteria and fungi (a result of malfunctioning humidifiers).

Malfunctioning humidifiers are an ideal breeding ground for all kind of such pollutants and they spread them all around through their vapors.

Following diseases are usually reported in households with malfunctioning humidifiers:

  • Legionnaires’ Disease: The symptoms of this disease are mostly flu like (however serious infectMalfunctioning humidifiers diseases ions can also occur). This disease is reported in higher numbers where portable humidifiers are in fashion (they draw water from static tank where bacteria and fungi have a better chance to grow;)
  • Thermophilic Actinomycetes: Ideal temperature range for these bacteria to grow is between 45° – 60° C. They can be the cause of hypersensitivity pneumonitis, (an inflammation of human lungs). They are also a cause of “Humidifier fever” a short lived and mysterious illness in which patient suffers from malaise, headache, chills and fever. The illness has a duration cycle of 24 hours after which the symptoms subside leaving no residual effect.

Now you understand that there are serious health and property damage associated with a malfunctioning humidifier then you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • How much does a house inspection cost in Toronto increase by adding humidifier system to the amount do home inspectors charge ?
  • How much do home inspectors charge if I go for a separate humidifier inspection later on.
  • How much does a property inspection cost differ with or without a humidifier added to inspection list.

You would be amazed to know that humidifier checking, would not have any change on your average property inspection cost . Cost of your home inspection  would remain the same.

Why checking your humidifier does not affect cost of home inspection ?

There is not much to a humidifier which needs to be checked. The simplicity of the mechanism makes it easy for a licensed home inspector and that is why adding humidifier to the inspection checklist has no substantial effect on how much do home inspectors charge . Just check the machine for general cleanliness. The furnace might need to be checked for rust, specially in Toronto and the GTA where the humidity is almost always high. Some humidifiers are installed inside the plenum of the furnace, which can be damaged by rust if the humidifier leaks.Toronto house inspector Ontario

  • Central humidifiers may have a solid core that should be replaced each year. The manufacturer’s instructions should be consulted regarding this replacement.
  • Remember that all humidifiers need routine maintenance and checking, and these are some of the most neglected appliances in your house. Do subject them to a professional inspection before you buy a house or condo.

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