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Your Home Inspection Services Company update news- Just last month, Ontario Electrical Safety Code was released and will take 5 months to be in full effect May 2016 and your trusted Toronto house inspector, Inspect My House keeps you up to date with the latest in industry standard news so your homes can have that added touch of security and upkeep with modern times. And as the Toronto property inspections require, we’ll throw in some more tips to keep your home super risk-free during the holidays!

2015 OESC Update with Notes from your Toronto Home Inspection Services Company

As most traditions, the province of Ontario always releases updates on the locally followed safety codes with some iterations that are made specifically for the Ontario home inspector and residents only. Here they are as follows:

  • expanding requirements for the use of Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs) in homes to help reduce wiring-related fires;
  • specifics on the location of electrical hook-ups for recreational vehicle (RV) parking, to harmonize with the United States’ National Electrical Code;
  • changes for renewable energy installations including specific changes for solar (Highly recommended by your Home Inspection Services Company);
  • wiring at non-commercial docks (such as cottages);
  • new requirements for the installation of light emitting diode (LED) luminaries in residential buildings; and
  • new guidelines for the safe clearances needed between light fixtures – such as pot lights – and combustible material to help minimize potential fire hazards.Home Inspection Services open wiring

With such changes, ESA or the Electrical Safety Authority in Ontario has done a massive and broad consultative process in provincial and national level to come up with the most sensible amendments that cover not just old ground but also new technology. The code changes for this year until the next are publicly distributed by the CSA Group.
If you’re having a new home built though, ESA has a few tips with regards electrical safety of whole house inspection  for:

  • all wiring to the meter, grounding to service, and main disconnect (breakers or fuse)
  • all electrical wirings prior to drywall and insulation installation
  • all underground wiring; and
  • final whole house inspection to ensure no open wiring

There are other safety instruction conducts you must adhere to if you are establishing industrial or commercial spaces and that is available on their website.

Home Inspection Services in Toronto Dishes Out Holiday Simple Electrical Safety Tips

As kids take the holidays off with you this Christmas and almost everyone is festive at the comforts of their own home, the holidays is not just festive but rather hazardous especially if every household uses the electrical sources a lot. This could also mean your lighting and decorations outside! Hamilton home inspector ontario 
Another home Inspection Services tip is Why not have fire extinguishers ready? This way, all preventions should it fail can still have a fallback plan in case of fire. For prevention, it’s still best practice to choose equipment wisely and treat them with savings in mind. Outdoor decors must be certified for such usage, and all holiday lights must pass nationally recognized testing orgs like UL (Underwriter’s Laboratory).
Your Home Inspection Services Company again recommends that extension cords mustn’t be used over long distances, smoke detectors are helpful when installed in key areas of the house and when not in use, all lights are safer unplugged. Make sure you don’t just enjoy the holidays but are also safe all the way.

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