Ant Inspection | What a Home Inspector Toronto Looks For

home inspection toronto antWhy should a Home Inspector Toronto do Ant Inspection? Your home is designed and built for your accommodation but unfortunately you aint the only resident of your home. There are some unwanted guests which become habitants of your house without your invitation. They are pests which populate your house side by side and sometimes their presence becomes so overwhelming that you may find them impacting your life and living style. Ants are top the list of such unwanted house habitants. Mostly harmless to humans, ants are known to inflict serious damage on building infrastructure and in severe infestations, can render a home inhabitable. This is where a home inspector Toronto steps in for meticulous inspections during the home inspection process.

Why choosing a professional Home Inspector Toronto ishome inspectors toronto food storage important for ant inspection?

A Toronto house inspector is a key person to detect any ant related damage during property inspections. It is important to understand that ants are colonizing insects and they have a huge potential to breed rapidly given the right set of conditions and availability of food. They would virtually inhabit any building, especially the ones with food supplies. Your home is an ideal habitat considering the protection from weather, burrowing spaces and food source, it provides for ants. Once they have colonized a building, they are difficult to get rid of and start inflicting endless damage to building fixtures and wood work. Whether you are buying or selling a house, it is important to get it inspected for ant damage through a good home inspector Toronto . So how to choose a home inspector for your home inspection process for meticulous inspections of ant damage?

What ant related damages must a Home Inspector Toronto look for?

  • Ants live in colonies and make a nest. They travel in lines along the walls, pipes of just abouthome inspection services ants anywhere on the walls or floors. A Toronto house inspector can visually follow the trail of the ants to locate their nest. It may be behind a switchboard, a cabinet or in some water pipe.
  • Kitchens are a special residing space for ants. A Toronto house inspector must inspect the wooden cabinets, spaces under the sinks, food storage spaces for any signs of ant activity with meticulous inspection intent.
  • Ants have sharp wood boring jaws with which they carve out movement paths through wood. Telltale signs of fine wood dust called frass are left where ants make their passage through the wood. A good home inspector Toronto must look for such signs. Additionally, ant passages through wood leave it hollow. A gentle tap on the wood surface with a hollow sound is indicative of ant damage.
  • In case of an exterior infestation, vegetation and mulch deposits can be easily picked up around foundations, plant pots, walkways, spaces between the stepping stone and so on.
  • An ant colony is audible enough to be heard when there is not much noise (especially the nest). You can use a stethoscope to locate an ant nest behind confined spaces.

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