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Home Inspectors Toronto Guides to prevent house flooding- Our certified home inspector in Toronto knows very well the costly history of how Canada, specifically the province of Ontario has managed to weather the effects of numerous natural disturbances that swept the nation with damaging flash floods.
In recent memory, the Southern Ontario flash flood of 2013 have submerged Toronto and the GTA. It is noted in history by both experts and locals as the worst and costliest natural disaster to have ever struck the region. Although it happened over two years ago, officials and home inspection firms (including Home Inspectors Toronto) took note that the same unfortunate scenario can happen again so they teach the public, the right way to weatherproof their homes in preparation for such dire times.

Home Inspectors Toronto Checklist for Flood Free Living

Due to many recent incidents of flooding, the city of Toronto has turned into making its sewerage system more robust. This in turn helps reduce basement flooding. Toronto home inspectors have noted the following actions the council has taken:

  • Basement Flooding Protection Program
  • Mandatory Downspout Disconnection Program
  • Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program
    The city does all its best to continuously improve infrastructure but they also provide financial assistance for families to afford installment of sometimes lucrative flood protection devices with allocation of as much as $3,400 per household.

How to stop the flood before it even seeps in drenching your basement if you have one?

House interior

  • Check that you have a complete understanding of how foundation drainage and plumbing works down there. It’s your home so it’s your responsibility. Home Inspectors Toronto recommends maintenance meticulous inspections to be frequently scheduled.Home Inspectors Toronto Hamilton
  • Plumbing is your concern from the inside the home up to your property line.
  • On your own, try sealing cracks and visible opening.
  • Talk to a professional plumber about options you can take when it comes to backwater valves and sump pumps when all else fails.

House exterior

Follow Your Home Inspectors Toronto recommendations:

  • Replace damaged weeping tiles
  • Clear roadside catch basin debris if there are any
  • Go green and increase vegetation in your home for added rainwater absorption
  • Disconnect downspouts from sewerage
  • Check grading in home slopes away from wall foundation and neighborsHouse inspection Toronto Hamilton
  • Clear debris on downspout
  • Drainage entrances must be unobstructed
    Toronto home inspection reviews usually also include teachings on ways to help you remove floodwater when all else fails and we’ll discuss that next.

Flooded Basement? | Your Home Inspectors Toronto Suggestions

Don’t leave your basement in a sorry state after such a big flood. Move quickly and implement some of these tips as soon as you can!

  • It is wise to call your insurance company right away. Report the extent of property damage rendered by the flood and keep all documentation as backup support for possible claims.
  • When cleaning up, make sure you’re protected from any harmful contaminants carried by flood water and sewer back-ups. Your safety is still number one.
  • You can also call the local city government by dialing 311 so a city staff can assess the situation for you and your family.

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