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How to Do a Home Inspection in Toronto – We live in houses which suit our lifestyles and accommodation needs. But the lifestyles and needs does not remain constant forever. Over time some of us can feel the need for more space. It may be due to addition in space requirement of family members (as our kids grow up), relocation of some family members or you are planning to start a business from your home premises. Whatever be the case, you have two options, move to a new home or add-on to your existing one. What option you choose would depend upon your budget, your space options, and your hiring options. Above all, are you ready to face the inconvenience?
This is just one aspect of a additions to a home. What if you are a buyer who is seeking to buy a house and it has additions to its original design. Here are some home inspection tips for buyers in such a situation.

How to Do a Home Inspection – Buyer

It is pertinent to remember that a standard house inspection checklist which applies to a normal house is as valid for an addition with certain specific to addition peculiarities. These peculiarities can have very serious consequences if they are not taken care of at the time of buying your house. Here are a few tips:

  • It is important to know that most state and local regulations need an addition to be approvedcertified home inspector Toronto by a competent authority. After necessary paper formalities such certifications are issued to the applicant. The easy way to find out any unauthorized or unpermitted additions to the house is to ask for the approved construction design of the house. Any structure not included in the architectures design would be an addition to the original design. This addition may need a permit from local building authority. If your seller can provide you with the required documentation then the deal is good to go as far as the additional building permit is concerned.
  •  Additions in a building are sometimes carried out on “How to do a Home Inspection DIY” basis by the homeowners through cheap low quality manpower and materials. Obviously the construction quality in such cases is low. The structural defects or constructional quality may not show due to cosmetic covers such as paints and panels. It’s only a home inspector who is competent to look for any such structural weaknesses.
  • It is extremely important to understand that once you have bought such a house which hashouse inspector toronto insurance unauthorized additions then you unknowingly assume the responsibility for any such penalties which may be incurred for violation of laws. If you don’t know how to do a home inspection then they may be requiring you to strip down the ceiling and fittings to see if your bought house has been constructed following the building codes or otherwise. This may result in heavy maintenance costs at a later stage for you to fix the resultant damages. The tough part is that you cannot say no to such an action by authorities when an addition permit has not been obtained in first place.
  • An important point to note is that insurance claims for unauthorized additions are sure to get turned down in case of any damage to the building. So you would always be at the risk of no insurance coverage if you buy such a house.

How To do a Home Inspection – For Sellers

These house inspection tips for buyers are equally valid as house inspection tips for sellers and as an overall home inspection tips.
So if you are a buyer or a seller, these house inspection tips will work for you when you are inspecting or planning any additions to your home.

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