An Ontario Home Inspector Advice for Hardwood Floor Maintenance

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If your home has hardwood as main flooring perhaps, our Ontario home inspector have a lot of things to tell you about ways to better seal it off the elements not just in the upcoming winter season here in the western hemisphere but also for every other season.

Keeping Hardwood Floors Weatherproof – Tips from your Ontario home inspector

Here are things to note so your hardwood flooring stays brand new amid the changing seasons:

  • Winter – Use damp mops for cleaning and not wet because anything wet is harmful for wooden floors. Don’t use anything abrasive such as bleach or vinegar (due to acidic content) as well. Take note of humidity levels and always be in control of temperature inside your home (or office). If you have furnace and AC then have them checked regularly. Make sure that whoever installed your flooring also knew about proper spacing in times of great humidity to avoid buckling and crowning.home inspection companies toronto
  • Summer – Sunlight, yes the same thing that makes plants grow is abrasive to hardwood flooring and causes sun fading. Take your Ontario home inspector advice and make sure you move furniture around every year so any light exposure is evenly propagated. If you have plants in pots, make sure the dirt and/or sand won’t make it in high traffic areas. Do regular cleanup.

These two seasons are times of the year where we experience the extreme opposites in temperature range and therefore you must use the transitional seasons of Fall (going winter) and Spring (going summer) to always do the scheduled general checks.

Doing Maintenance Like your Ontario Home Inspector

If you’ve been attentive enough, you’ll find out that we have emphasized the use of the phrase “regular cleanup” a lot in the previous section. We just can’t help but prompt you in the way things SHOULD be. If you meet up our registered home inspector , you’ll be greeted with the same exact lines.
The best thing with flooring, regardless of type is that the only way to keep it maintained in the best possible way is  to be regularly cleaned. Here are very basic steps you can follow to be cleaning hardwood floors like an expert:

  1. Water – again a big NO. Do not even think about putting it as a mixture on your cleaning agent. That won’t be acceptable either. Water can seep into it and cause warping.toronto home inspection companies 
  2. Oil soaps and wax are great options until you realize that they are great dust accumulators so use with caution.
  3. Vacuuming daily (or sweeping if you’re more economical) is the best way to minimize debris in the floor that cause dents and scratches.
  4. Your Ontario home inspector gives you some free home inspection tips. NEVER use products that promise long-lasting shine. They’re probably full of artificial ingredients that cause more harm than good in the long run with compounds like deadly wax or silicone.
  5. Steam mops may quite be logical but they provide humidity and all possible ways to dampen the wood resulting to warping. They will damage the finish faster too!

Why Hire a Certified Home Inspector in Ontario for Hardwood Flooring Inspections?

With Inspect My House, you are rest assured that our standards are according to the NWFACP (National Wood Flooring Association Certification Program) standards and that we are only inspectors and not wood installation or repair contractors ourselves, therefore making our services within Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham, New Market, Vaughan, Thornhill, Brampton, Hamilton, Mississauga and all the GTA  more ethically bound and safe. Call us at (647) 861-4499 or fill up our CONTACT US FORM so our respected Ontario home inspector can discuss your leading requirements.

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