How to inspect Anti-Tip Brackets during a Toronto building inspection

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Toronto building inspection concerns about Anti-Tip Brackets-Buying or selling a house is an exciting experience and a great learning opportunity to know and understand many facts about homes and buildings,which we usually don’t have the chance to learn or understand. When you subject your house for a Toronto house inspection through a professional Toronto building inspector then you ought to know a few important facts about certain household items which you know to be extremely safe, but they have a serious potential to cause grave injury and even death in rare cases. Freestanding ranges are one such “presumably safe” home appliance.

Why is it important to get Anti-Tip brackets inspected during a Toronto building inspection?

Anti-tip brackets are the safety devices which make sure that a range doesn’t tip. They arehome inspectors toronto anti tip attachments to the rear end of the range (usually screwed into the wall or floor) and hold the range in place when some weight is applied at the front end. A tipping range is a serious safety hazard and a cause of many serious household accidents each year. So, when your home is due for the next Toronto building inspection , then you must ask your Toronto building inspector to inspect anti-tip brackets during the house inspection.

A few cool inspection tips for Anti-tip brackets during the Toronto building inspection

A Toronto building inspector must inspect the anti-tip brackets by utilizing these means:home inspectors toronto anti tip brackets

  • It is easy to search and inspect the wall mounted anti-tip brackets by looking into the rear side of the range. Floor fixed anti tip brackets may not be as easy to inspect and reach for. You might have to remove some panels of the ranges to reach them. It is worth noting that a visual inspection is not a surety that anti-tip brackets are holding fast. A Toronto building inspector should use mechanical means to check that.
  • The best way to go about it is to apply force or weight on the front end of the range. A securely equipped (with anti-tip brackets) appliance would not tip more than a few couples of inches. The appropriate way to undertake this test is to empty all material from the range before going ahead. This is a surer test to check the firmness of anti-tip brackets than just a visual check.
  • If no such arrangement is detected where an anti-tip bracket is installed, then the Toronto building inspection person must call for installation of anti-tip brackets. National laws also require all the gas or electricity operated such appliances to be able to bear a load of 250 lbs to their front end. However, market and home surveys reveal that more than 5% of such installed appliances still do not carry anti-tip brackets.

The Last word
Anti-tip brackets are an essential safety feature which prevents ranges from tipping. When you call in a building inspector for a professional home inspection, then please do not overlook the importance of getting the ranges inspected for the proper installation of anti-tip brackets. Call us  up today at (647) 861-4499 to get more information about anti-tip brackets checkup during a Toronto building inspection .

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