How a Toronto Certified Home Inspector Targets Condo Boom?

Toronto certified home inspector

The reason why a Toronto certified home inspector urges more people to have their condos checked is because of the Toronto condo boom that have surged this year to unprecedented levels. The likes of which has never been seen since the 70s and even The New York Times is apparently worried.
Our services at Inspect My House can be as valuable to a new owner and a seasoned one with an ageing condo alike. For new condo unit buyers, your trusty certified home inspector in Toronto has prepared a DIY Home Inspection Checklist below! And for a more intriguing discussion, will have a myth-busting section towards the end.

Condo Inspection Checklist from your Certified Home Inspector

As demand has risen in unprecedented manners this year with condo construction running as high as 68.4 percent of the entire new home construction of the country, we’re pretty sure you or a friend has winded up even thinking about buying a new condo unit for future investment. And why not! It’s affordable, it’s the trend and the convenience it offers are sky high.

But before deciding to live atop the next big thing in high rise condos, have a look at this checklist prepared with the help of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors:

New Condominiums:

  • Check if protected by warranty

Existing condominiums:Toronto house inspection Brampton

  • A Toronto certified home inspector can do technical audits
    For Physical checks of either new/existing homes have a good look below (Interior, exterior and unit space considerations all combined):
  •  Functional and clean elevators
  • Basement facilities for occupant use only
  • Accessibility of amenities
  • Clean, well-lit corridors, blemish free painting and odor free carpets (if there’s any)
  • Good parking pathway
  • Garbage management and disposal in dumpsters
  • Functional block heaters
  • Landscaping and fencing are in mint condition
  • Drywall with no dents
  • No visible water stains
  • All electrical sockets function
  • house inspection water stainingToilet flush and refill functions properly
  • Flooring in good repair
  • Balcony railings are rust free and rigid for added safety
  • No drips on plumbing
  • Kitchen cupboards in good condition with no signs of pests

There is more to this list and if you wish to have the completed one, ask our experienced home inspector today!

Toronto house inspection MississaugaToronto Certified Home Inspector Turned Myth Buster

One common myth that most condo buyers think is the irrelevance of hiring a Toronto licensed home inspector whenever they consider buying new units. This my friends is the very first myth we wish for you to forget now because it is sadly a bad way to continue. Even for already existing units, you will still need help from a Toronto  licensed home inspector to see if the entire structure is still fit for living and if there are need for repairs of any kind.
Another myth as old as time is again dismissing the need for a certified Toronto house inspector unless your property is 5 years or older. Well regardless of whether a condo building is new or old, it may not escape known infrastructural harms so we suggest you better be safe than sorry.

Condo Investment Coupled with a Home Inspection? Perfect Combination!
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Navid Aghili, a visionary P. Eng., and professional house inspector, certified by InterNACHI, he has worked his way into many a home within Toronto and the GTA and wishes to extend his trusted services to more residential homes regardless of type (from condo to townhouse). He leads a group of other similarly talented, experienced and certified only inspectors to complete his Inspecting Dream Team. His InterNACHI membership number: #NACHI15041619.