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Your Ultimate Guide to clean your dryer vent as told by a Toronto Home Inspector- Probably the biggest catch as to why you must keep track and always have your clothes dryer vents checked by certified home inspectors is its fire hazard. In the US, 15,000 fires happen directly at this area, the dryer vent due to buildup of flammable clothing material residue made up of polyester and cotton called Lint. There are no comparable statistics in Canada and The GTA but that does not mean it is not occurring here.

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Fire Prevention Canada still warns the public over the misuse of dryer vents (external) and how to avoid fires emanating from it. They also listed as potential carbon monoxide poisoning agent.

When will you Need a Toronto Home Inspector to Check the Vents for you?

Your licensed home inspector should be able to pinpoint if cleanup is already a must. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Drying time is noticeably longer in duration (above 40 minutes)
  • Normal cycles do not completely dry clothes
  • Excessive room heat generation while dryer is used
  • There are more nasty odors on dryer sheets
  • Debris are found in external dryer vent opening
  • Clothes seem hot to touch after drying
  • There are abnormal amounts of lint accumulation in lint trap
  • Musty odor sticking to the cloth
  • Your dryer vents has not been checked by a professional house inspector or cleaned for over a year!
  • Dryer vent hood flap does not open as usual
  • If any of these happens, make sure your professional cleaners are on a standby. If not, our Toronto home inspector report is all you need to keep them updated.

Safety Tips Brought to you by a Leading House Inspector

As part of InterNACHI, our home inspectors in Toronto are equipped with knowledge and standard requirements to help secure your home from fire hazards caused by non-compliant dryer vent systems.

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  1. Connected vents – Your vents SHOULD be directly connected to the dryer.
  2. Non-restricted vents – Any airflow restrictions must be noted because most dryers are tucked away into small areas. There is a certain allowed angle before we can declare that it’s obstructed.

To better help, here are tip top recommendations from InterNACHI itself brought to you by our leading Toronto home inspector:

  • Required length – No vents should exceed 25 feet or approximately 7,620 mm from the dryer location to the wall. Some homes diver their vents from dryer area up to the kitchen! Max length MUST NOT include transition duct and length are reduced 2.5 feet for every 45 and 90 degree bends. This means, most vents SHOULD be straight. Length can be contested according to manufacturer’s recommendation and ASHRAE Fundamentals Book to conduct engineering calculations to help reduce turn restrictions.
  • Construction – Thickness is allowed at 0.016 inches or 0.4 mm. Only rigid metal ducts are recommended nowadays since to lessen fire hazards. Flexible and ribbed vents are also NOT anymore recommended.
  • Termination – All ducts must terminate in not less than 3 feet outside the house or building.
  • Size – Must adhere to manufacturer’s recommendations with consideration of clothes dryer’s listing.
    Transition ducts – Flexible transition ducts must not exceed 8 feet in length and labeled in accordance with UL 2158A.

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Navid Aghili, a visionary P. Eng., and professional house inspector, certified by InterNACHI, he has worked his way into many a home within Toronto and the GTA and wishes to extend his trusted services to more residential homes regardless of type (from condo to townhouse). He leads a group of other similarly talented, experienced and certified only inspectors to complete his Inspecting Dream Team. His InterNACHI membership number: #NACHI15041619.