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Importance of fireplace for Toronto House Inspection- When you are opting for an inch by inch house inspection in Toronto, fireplaces must appear high on your list if you want your inspection to be considered a meticulous inspection . But why is fireplace inspection so important?

Why is fireplace an important part of Toronto house inspection ?

As per government statistics around 2.5 million households use firewood as the fuel of choice for home heating (and fireplace is the spot where it all happens) . That causes around 12000 chimney fires annually resulting in tens of millions in domestic damages. The most frequent cause is a blocked chimney due to years of neglect in getting it inspected and cleaned.roof structure fire spread

There are a lot of dangerous events that can happen with a malfunctioning fireplace (the worst can be a chimney fire that can spread to the roof structure and can even burn down the whole property).

Despite the ever happening fires due fireplace or chimney problems, many homeowners do not fully understand the importance of getting them inspected during a Toronto house inspection . Most of them have a simple reason “why do I need an annual inspection when I don’t use it?” Or, if there is no fireplace, but their chimney appears to be fine with no odor or issues that may suggest an issue, why to get it inspected?

On the face, it seems to be a valid argument but a fireplace and chimney has more functions than just taking out the smoke. Unfortunately, a wood-burning fireplace can collect creosote that can lead to a fire, a fireplace can ignite even if you are using it on regular basis. A chimney that lacks adequate ventilation space or lining that can cause carbon monoxide accumulation. The purpose of cost of home inspection ontarioa Toronto building inspection is to prevent this through meticulous inspections .

Toronto House Inspection purpose of the fireplace checkup and cleaning

We strongly advocate a Toronto building inspection for fireplace and getting the chimney swept by a licensed chimney sweeper. These professionals clean the chimney of all that built up creosote and alert you of any defects in the firebox or flue that can cause fire.

Here’s a list of important points about fireplace which must form part of a Toronto house inspection :

  • There must be a cap with a screen on top of the chimney. That would prevent snow or rain from falling down the chimney. It also prevents the birds or other critters from nesting in there.
  • Meticulous inspections will observe the condition of the mortar and bricks. Bricks exposed to the weather may need a reset.cost of home inspection Brampton
  • The primary cause of fires from inserts, wood-burning fireplaces or wood stoves is creosote deposited on the walls of the chimney flue. A professional Toronto house inspection must include the checking out of the flue liner to note any cracked flue tiles or excessive creosote buildup. If the fireplace and chimney hasn’t been swept recently (it surely won’t be) the certified home inspector  will recommend it to be cleaned.
  • If your fireplace has glass opening, the professional house inspector must inspect the gasket material locking the door opening. Less than perfect gaskets must be replaced to ensure safe operation of the fireplace. It is extremely important if your wood stove or insert is meant to be airtight.
  • A fireplace sweeper must clean the blower (if your fireplace has one). These blowers do not come with a filtering system to prevent the dust and hair from building up. Excessive dirt is a potential fire hazard.
  • The Toronto house inspector may reveal deteriorated or broken brick lining in the firebox. Replace damaged bricks depending on the severity.

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