How a Licensed Home Inspector saves your home from Mold

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Why could a Licensed Home Inspector in Toronto prevent Mold?- Rainy seasons and winter snow may uplift your mood and give your home a fresher picture perfect appearance from the outside. But what goes within may be a different story. Damp rainy weather creates ideal conditions for unwanted growth inside your ceiling, unfilled holes and the roof tops. Walls and windows can be another spot for such damaging growth. You may soon be facing a serious problem when your house or property is deeply infested by fungus. That is when a licensed home inspector in Toronto and The GTA comes into play. Let us first understand the nature of Mold.

What is mold as per a licensed home inspector ?

Fungus is the word that best describes mold. It is basically a kind of natural growth vegetation that takes root in warm and wet places. Mold easily grows on any damp place that can provide the nutrients necessary for its growth. Once it takes hold, it begins expanding in its size uncontrollably (unless prevented from doing so) . Papers and discarded cloth provides ideal platforms for the mold to spread like wildfire.

How would you know that your house has mold?brampton home inspection services hidden mold

Mold doesn’t remain hidden for long (especially from the eyes of a licensed  home inspector) after it has seriously taken over your home or building. However, in early stages of infestation there may still be a chance that it is hiding internally within the walls and ceilings (where it needs a licensed home inspector to discover) and thus being invisible to you. You do not have the tools and means to reach into all those impossible spaces, so the sanest option is to hire a licensed home inspector for that.
An experienced home inspector is a person who specializes in test and examination of houses by checking their ventilation system, heating system and other hidden places in your house to check for mold presence. After his assessments he or she will make an evaluation and status of the mold infestation in your house.

How a Licensed Home Inspector would go about treating mold infestation?

false ceiling moldOur experienced home inspector in Inspect My House Company would have many tools for mold check. You can find a licensed home inspector who specialize in this field (also known as mold inspectors), who will check the building for signs of mold infestation. Yes, the poking and prodding that we did not feel like doing is now the job of the house inspector.
After examining the presence of fungi under heavy furniture, in the fillings of exhaust fan and between the ventilation of false ceilings, a certified home inspector would make an initial assessment about the presence of mold.
If he considers that the infestation needs detailed analysis then he would acquire a sample and send it to the lab for testing. Only after the reports it is established for sure that the house is affected by the damaging mold or some other harmless fungi.


Licensed Home Inspector dry ice blastingThere are many methods to reduce the amount of fungus from your house. In manners of prevention you can let the damp spaces in your house to be exposed to air to dry out. In certain cases this may not be possible and professional mold removal services may be needed.
Some of the home and professional mold removal methods include:

  • Detergent wash: Some companies use detergents to remove mold. On a limited scale this method can be used at home by you.
  • Dry ice blasting: This is again one of the commercially applied methods. Dry ice blasting is used to clean dry the infested area and preventing the mold to spread further.
  • Wiping wet: Women who want to clean their house on DIY basis can use this method for limited scale mold removal. This method is unsuitable for large scale infestations.
  • Wet Vacuum: Is also a reasonable and effective method to get rid of mold.

Remember! Mold can have serious implications on the structural strength of your home if it is left untreated for long. Living in Toronto and The GTA Call in our licensed home inspector at (647) 861-4499 as soon as you find the first signs of mold setting in.

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