Moisture Damage – A case for Whole House Inspection

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How moisture damage is a case for whole house inspection ?- As the name indicates, it is the damage caused by moisture seeping into the houses. You might have often seen the plaster from your walls hanging lose, big grey spots appearing on the walls or wooden doors or fixtures not sitting into their spaces. All this is indicative of moisture damage to your house and some serious problems in neat future. If you are noticing this happening for some time then it is the time to call in Toronto property inspectors for a whole house inspection.

What features does a whole house inspection need to detect moisture damages?

Moisture can be absorbed from the walls after a rain, through leakages in pipes, faulty plumbingToronto house inspection Faulty plumbing and a variety of other reasons. Presence of a water body near your house such as lake or sea can contribute. It may as well be due to intense fog or moisture in air. (A special note for whom living in Toronto and The GTA)
When moisture damage is taking roots, not only the walls and fixtures of your house would be under its threat but all wooden furnishing would also be severely affected. Certain high moisture areas like washrooms, kitchen and the washing space rank high on the moisture damage list by default. In short, moisture damage would simply affect your whole house (some areas and fixtures more than others). In fact moisture damage is one of the worst non-technical enemies of your house and regular property inspections by reputed home inspection services are a very valid way to avoid it.

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Of all the harmful effects of moisture damage, the most severe case causes the water to seep inside the walls (thus making its structure shallow and weakening its base). In severe cases it may cause the structural collapse even.
In worst cases the wood fixtures would be swelled and rendered useless, cement wears off, iron becomes rusted and fungus develops on the wall. All in all whatever comes in the way of moisture damage adversely affected to varying extent. Leakage from the pipes can be fixed and faulty plumbing can be repaired to stem the process. But before you attempt any repairs or action at your end, it is advisable to call in a competent home inspection service for a whole house inspection for damage assessment.

Types of damage:

There are four types of damages that moisture can cause and they are classified in manners of increasing severity.

  • Stage 1: In this stage the matter is still within hands and the moisture that prevails within the house structure is due to slow rate of evaporation. Most houses are affected by this during wet season and improve during dry months with right sunshine.
  • Stage 2: This is slightly more intimidating than stage 1 but still manageable. Water is too deep rooted to be evaporated by sunlight and causes minor but permanent damage to the walls and ceilings. Such conditions are prevalent in humid countries where rain is plenty and sunshine little.
  • Stage 3: Here the condition gets serious (requiring a professional whole house inspection).Toronto house inspection Mold The water not only weakens the health of the walls but the dampness of ceiling poses threat as well. Constant moisture helps mold to grow in unreachable spaces in a home.
  • Stage 4: This is the most destructive stage and renders the house unsafe for living due to continuous danger of the walls collapsing. Huge water marks appear on the walls and the whole structure becomes unstable.

Bottom line
Prevention is better than cure, so it is advisable to opt for a licensed home inspector by a competent Toronto property inspector. Such home inspection services will make your home safe place to live with their property inspection.

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